Wettenhall Air Services is based at Deniliquin Airport NSW.


Our Aero Commander was carefully selected to provide the best possible flexibility, comfort and reliability to our customers. It is capable of flight in all weather conditions, both day and night.

Our aircrew are highly experienced and regularly fly in and out of airports across Australia, from busy capital cities to small outback communities. Wettenhall Air Services enforces a rigorous check and training policy to ensure each of our pilots remain professional and proficient.



Why choose air charter?

Air charter provides many benefits, particularly to clients who have large distances to cover, short timeframes or both. Some key benefits that Wettenhall Air Services can provide include:

no waiting at airports (you choose the departure time),

no stopovers / changeovers (travel direct to your destination),

no flight delays (you are the only passengers),

security (you set the passenger list),

privacy to conduct your business mid-flight (use of mobile phones ok),

convenience (arrival at the nearest airstrip),

flexibility (ability to change plans mid-flight),

no lost luggage,

no queues (drive your car to the plane, secure undercover parking available).

Put your travel arrangements in the hands of our experienced personnel and relax in the knowledge that we will have you there safely and on time.